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Summer Sports Camp

At William Austin Junior School

Summer Sports Camp
from 10.00

£10.00 per child per day

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We thank you all for your patience and understanding whilst we have been sorting out camp. As you are already aware we are unable to do our camp at Bushmead this summer due to the amount of building work going on. Our Summer Camp will take place at William Austin Junior School this summer which is only a 2 minute drive from Bushmead. We have chosen this venue due to it being close to Bushmead, a suitable size for us to run our camp and one that we feel is safe and secure. Everything about our camp will still be the same. The staff, activities, time, price and way we do things will all be the same. Only the venue is different and we think the children will enjoy this change of scenery and a chance to be at camp in a new environment. 

Below are the events taking place each day at camp

29/07/19 - Multisports

30/07/19 - Multisports

31/07/19 - Old School Sports Day

01/08/19 - Multisports

02/08/19 - Friday Fun Day

05/08/19 - Children in Charge

06/08/19 - Multisports

07/08/19 - Competition Day

08/08/19 - Multisports

09/08/19 - Friday Fun Day

** Booking is first come first served. We will be taking a smaller amount of children than last summer due to the change of venue. Once all spaces are filled we will be unable to take anymore children. **


We run Sports Camps during every school holidays for children to have fun in a safe and secure environment. We do a wide range of sports, activities and games which suit everyone attending our camp. To ensure that how we do the sports are suitable to everyone, children are placed into groups based on their age allowing us to tailor the sport to suit them. This means that children are able to enjoy taking part in our camp no matter what ability or experience. Our first priority is to make sure our camps are fun as it is the school holidays and we want children to have the best time possible. As well as the normal sports and games we also do sports days, mini olympics and themed events. All of our staff our qualified coaches, DBS checked and first aid trained. 



Where: Bushmead Primary School, Bushmead Road, Luton, LU2 7EU - Key Stage 1 hall

When: During every school holiday. Exact dates of camps can been seen below. Camps run from 9am - 3.30pm

Who: All children from any school are welcome aged 4-11

How: Choose the amount of children you are booking for and then how many days. You can then choose which days you wish to attend once you begin the booking process. 

What: Children will need sports clothing suitable for indoors and outdoors. They will also need a water bottle, snack and packed lunch. They will also need inhalers or any other medical equipment they require.


Booking Terms and Conditions

Bookings and payments must be made prior to arrival. If club is cancelled by BPS then a refund for the session will be given or you can choose to carry the payment over to another week. If your child does not attend a session and we are not informed then no refund will be given. If you let us know prior to the session that you will not be attending then we will carry that session over for you. 

BPS Sports will take every possible step to avoid injuries being suffered towards children, there is a inherent risk of injury due to the nature of sports being physical. You will need to tick the box on the booking form to confirm you have read, accepted and understood our terms and conditions before booking. Please note bookings will not be processed without acceptance of terms and conditions. If you wish to discuss the above with us then please email