Football Club

A huge thank you to everyone who has attended Football Club in 2018/2019. We have had an excellent year and already can’t wait to get started in September. More information will be emailed and posted on our website at the end of August. We will see everyone in the next school year.

Football club is our longest running club at BPS Sports and is our best attended. We run separate sessions for children in Foundation, Year 1-2, KS2 & Girls only. Our 2 main focuses for every session is to make them enjoyable and for the children to improve. We have been working hard on putting together our own coaching programme which ensures we provide a well rounded football education. This means that children get to learn all aspects of football and can work on the techniques and skills needed to play football. Our football coaching philosophy is to give children as many touches of the football as possible whilst they are with us. We don't want children standing still or queueing to take their turn. All of sessions are designed with this in mind and our coaches share this philosophy.



Where: Bushmead Primary School, Field - Entrance via green gate on Old Bedford Road.

When: Every Saturday;

Foundation - 10am-11am & Year 1&2 - 10am-11am

KS2 11.15am-12.15pm & Girls only 11.15am-12.15pm

What: Children will need sports clothing, football boots, shin pads and a water bottle.

Our Teams

We split our children up into teams which can be seen at the bottom of the page. In these teams children work with different coaches and will compete against the other teams in competitions. We coach our children differently within their teams depending on their ages.

Foundation: Our foundation group looks at basic skills such as passing and dribbling. We don't focus too much on technique as this will come from practice and experience. We make sure the children score as many goals as possible as this is what they want from the session. Our matches are often played without goalkeepers allowing the children to score plenty of goals and learn to attack and defend. 

Year 1 - 2: This is where we begin to focus more on specific skills and technique training. We like to work on a different aspect each week and then this becomes the focus of the match at the end so the children learn to put what they have practised into action. We start to add more rules into matches so children can understand how the game works and think about tactics.

KS2: Our older groups focuses on all aspects of football and looks at different aspects of the game such as first touch, tackling and creating space. Like our other sessions we work on something different each week ensure our children become well rounded footballers. We always end with a match which we let the children run themselves so they can set the rules and regulations which helps them to learn.

Girls only: This is our newest session and is becoming more popular. We have found that our girls prefer it to just be girls when they are playing football which is why we set up this group. Like the other groups we have a different focus every week and play games and do drills working on that skill. As this is for a wide age range we always make sure they we tailor the activities to suit everyone in the group. 


Booking Terms and Conditions

Bookings and payments must be made prior to arrival. If club is cancelled by BPS then a refund for the session will be given or you can choose to carry the payment over to another week. If your child does not attend a session and we are not informed then no refund will be given. If you let us know prior to the session that you will not be attending then we will carry that session over for you. 

BPS Sports will take every possible step to avoid injuries being suffered towards children, there is a inherent risk of injury due to the nature of sports being physical. You will need to tick the box on the booking form to confirm you have read, accepted and understood our terms and conditions before booking. Please note bookings will not be processed without acceptance of terms and conditions. If you wish to discuss the above with us then please email