How much does it cost to book my child into sessions?

For Football Club the cost per session is £2 per child. For Tuesday Gymnastics Club it is £3.50 per child. Thursday Gymnastics is £3 and Holiday Camps are always £10 per child per day. Bookings can be made on the bookings page of the website. We recommend block booking sessions as places fill up fast and it is the best way to guarantee your child will have a place every week.

Do I have to book all sessions? 

No. You can choose which sessions you would like to attend. You do this when you make your booking and we will receive this information. It is possible that if you leave a date free someone else may take that place as a one off so we recomend booking it anyway if you are unsure and you can let us know nearer the time. 

What equipment does my child need for Football Club?

Football club takes place outside on the field. We recommend they wear football boots or trainers depending on how hard/soft the ground is. They must wear shin pads for their own safety. They will also need to bring a water bottle for the session. Please ensure the clothing they are wearing is appropriate for the weather outside. 

Are there toilets or other facilities at Football Club?

Unfortuntely we do not have any access to the school during football club. This includes toilets, water fountains etc. Please ensure children visit the toilet before they come to football club and remember they will be outside for the whole hour so please ensure they are dressed in warm clothing. 

Where can I park for clubs?

For Football club you can park on Old Bedford Road which is where the gate is to come up to the field. Please ensure no driveways are blocked to avoid bothering the local residents. For Gymnastics club you may park in the school car park.

Can I stay and watch my child?

For Football club parents/guardians are more than welcome to stay for the session and watch. For Gymnastics club adults are unable to stay in the hall and watch due to space. There will be times where adults are invited into the hall to be shown work done by the children.