Head Coaches


Lee Padgett

Lee is a co-founder of BPS Sports and set the company up with the goal of providing opportunities for children to be active and play the sports they love. He has been coaching in schools for 7 years across Luton. He is qualified in a wide range of sports, specialising in football and gymnastics. Lee also has a degree in Sports Science and coaching giving him experience in all aspects of sport. Lee coaches at all BPS Clubs and Camps. He has experience in coaching a wide range of sports which he has picked up in his 10 years as a coach. He is responsible for designing our coaching programmes and planning how sessions will work. He also responsible for coaching standards at BPS.


Daisy Copas

Daisy is a co-founder of BPS Sports. She wanted to provide opportunities for children to take part in sports they love. Daisy is in charge of the creative side of BPS Sports such as the website and advertising. She works hard on finding ways to show people what goes on at BPS Sports such as holiday club videos or photos at clubs. Daisy Specialises in working 1:1 with children and helping them to complete more difficult skills. Daisy coaches at gymnastics club and works with the younger children at the club to help them improve. She also coaches during our holiday camps doing sports such as hockey and dance.



Phoebe Copas

Phoebe is currently in her first year at Luton Sixth Form. She has participated in extra curricular activities which include representing her school on various occasions in both primary and high school. For three years she played on the girls netball team as a goal shooter in countless tournaments and matches. Phoebe is also a young leader at brownies which has given her experience working with young children which will be vital for us at BPS Sports. Phoebe coaches at our gymnastics clubs and works 1:1 with the children to help them improve specific techniques. She also works at our Holiday Sports Camps and is developing her skills as a coach by leading sessions and working with some of our other coaches.


Ibby Baig

As a youngster Ibby mainly played cricket. Playing in his spare time as well as at school. He is passionate about a lot of different sports and has his level 1 in football and handball. He also has a level 2 in multi skills. Ibby is one of our most experienced coaches and has great knowledge in a wide range of sports. This range of sports is a huge asset to us at BPS and we were able to utilise Ibbys experience at our Summer Camps. He coaches at our Football Club on a Saturday morning working with all age groups. His experience is clear to see with the organisation and child involvement in all sessions.


Ryan Hilliard

Ryan's Sporting Career began at Crawley Green at the age of 9 Playing for his school he was picked up by Luton Schools where he was developed as a goalkeeper. Ryan played for a number of youth teams before joining Barton Rovers and then moving onto Arlesey Town where at the age of 17 he is the 2nd keeper. Ryan is currently completing an apprenticeship in P.E. at Bushmead Primary. Ryan coaches with BPS on a Saturday morning at Football Club. He works with our KS1 children as well as doing goalkeeper training with our older children. He also coaches at our holiday camps and has become a vital part of the team.


Jack Scott

Jack begun his playing career for Bushmead Rovers and Warden Hill Primary as a goalkeeper. He was picked up by Luton Schools and went on to join Stevenage before being released at the age of 16. Jack then went in to refereeing and has been hugely successful. He is now a level 4 ref and has taken control of games at Wembley stadium as well as games in Norway and Paris. Jack is part of the P.E. team at Bushmead Primary school with Lee and has been for the past 3 years. Jack coaches at our holiday clubs and his experience in a wide range of sports is a huge asset to BPS Sports.


Aaron Gould

When he was younger Aaron's main sport was Karate. He competed for the England National Squad and won UK, USA and World titles. He also played football during his school life and still as a adult but has continued with his martial arts also trying his hand at MMA. Aaron has been part of the P.E. team at Bushmead for the past 6 years giving him vast experience in a wide range of sports. He has completed his apprenticeship with Bushmead and a Level 5 P.E. leaders certificate. Aaron specialises in Netball and karate as a coach. Aaron coaches at our Sports Camps and his knowledge at experience are a huge asset for us allowing us to include different sports at our camps.


Richard Drew

Richards own sporting career begun in primary school playing football. In high school he started to play more sports including basketball. He started coaching when he was in year 9 when he was selected to be a Young Leader. Richard specialises in coaching football and basketball and is qualified to coach both. He has just recently completed his community young leader award at college and is working towards the higher award. At BPS Sports Richard works at Football Club on a Saturday Morning and at our Sports Camps. He is gaining experience coaching new sports with BPS and is fast becoming an excellent coach.