At BPS Sports we aim to provide sports coaching that all children can enjoy and improve from. We believe that enjoyment is the most important thing for children in order for them progress and want to achieve their potential. We want to provide opportunities for children of all ages and abilities by ensuring our sessions, sports and activities are suitable for all. We have developed our own coaching ethos for all clubs so all our coaches are working towards the same goal which ensures the children receive a well rounded sporting education. We want to make sure we teach children more than just sports, we want to teach them life skills. Respect, friendship, Compassion, following rules and helping others are all at the heart of what we teach children and this allows them to grow and develop as individuals. 

We offer a range of services at BPS Sports; football club, gymnastics clubs, 1:1 specific skill training and holiday sports camps. Our clubs run weekly during term time and more information about these clubs can be found at the bottom of the page. Our holiday sports camps run during every school holiday and involve children taking part in a wide range of sports and activities through out the day. We work with children from ages 4-11 and are located in the Bushmead area of Luton. All our sessions take place at Bushmead Primary School.

BPS Sports News

Summer Holiday Sports Camp

This summer we will be running Sports Camp, Football Camp & Gymnastics Camp. To see the dates go to our flyers page or visit the bookings page. Each Sports camp will involve children being split up into age groups and then taking part in a wide range of sports, games and activities. 

For Sports Camp they will take part in different sports every day in their groups and then will have some time to choose a sport they want to do and play with their friends. For Football and Gymnastics Camps all the activities and games will be based on that sport. If you have any questions please get in touch with us or have a look on the bookings page to see much for info about the camps. We look forward to seeing you all in the summer. 

Football Club - Bring A Friend

This Saturday at football club everyone booked on was able to bring a friend or sibling along to the session for free. It was a brilliant morning with so many children trying football club for the first time. We loved seeing all the new smiling faces and hope to see them back again soon. We had over 80 children across 2 sessions taking part in a range of activities and matches. To see photos from the session look at our Facebook page or the gallery on the website. 

Young Leaders

At BPS Sports we have 3 young leaders; Charlotte, Isobel and Harrison. They help us out at our Sports Camps by working with the coaches and the children. They will help the children to take part in the sports and games, help them during lunches and break time and just play with them. They also work with our coaches gaining experience in leading sessions and helping them to set up sports for the children. They are a vital asset to BPS Sports and they greatly enhance the experience of the children attending our camps as well as making the coaches lives much easier. 

Volunteer with us

If you would like to gain some experience or need to build up your coaching hours then you can do so with us at BPS Sports. We will give you experience working with children and leading sessions in a wide range of sports. We already have a number of volunteers that help us at Football Club, Gymnastics Club and our Holiday Sports Camp. To apply to be a volunteer with us email at bpssportscoaching@gmail.com and let us know exactly what you would like to do as a volunteer with us.

Gymnastics Club & Beginners Gymnastics


We are now running 2 gymnastics Clubs. Gymnastics Club will run on a Tuesday 5pm - 6pm and Thursdays Beginners gymnastics and will take place 5pm - 5.45pm.  Both clubs follow the same guidance aimed at giving children a rounded gymnastics education though they are taught in different ways. On Tuesdays children learn specific skills and techniques aimed at them completing the current level they are on. We are currently completing Level 2 which as aimed at teaching children how to use equipment correctly and what they can use it for. On Thursdays children are also working on using equipment in the same way though there is more room for exploration and allowing children to learn for themselves. 

Football Club

New dates have now been added for Football Club for July & August. To book please just visit the bookings page. Please note Football Club will still be on through the summer holidays. 

Social Media

For all the latest news from BPS Sports please like and follow our Facebook page @bpssportscoaching. Here you will be able to see photos and videos from all our clubs. We will also post news about upcoming clubs and events run by us.